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Last Friday I listened to 3 presentations for live briefs by companies just starting out who are looking for a brand identity.


The first presentation was by a smoothie company called BUI. BUI were unique by always using a super food called the baobab fruit from Gambia.


The Second Presentation was by a company called Oh Gee Pie! which want to fill a gap in the English market with real American home made pies, which will remind people of time spent with family and friends.


The third presentation was buy a company called Scrub Up Your Life. SUYL was a small time cosmetics company which was using recycled coffee grinds to create face scrubs. The company was focussed on being vegan and wholesome.

My choice

In the beginning I was probably going to choose either BUI or Oh Gee Pie!. I had pretty much decided that I wasn’t going to choose Scrub Up Your Life. However I went into the presentations with an open mind. After I heard all three my decision had completely changed. I didn’t want to choose BUI or OGP! because I thought they were being too specific with what they did and didn’t want, in contrast SUYL seemed open to suggestions. When Tom from SUYL explained his process and the route he would like his brand to take, I was certain this was the project for me.

I chose to do the branding for SUYL because I like to work in quite a natural and organic way, and this gives me the chance to bring a bit of what I like doing and combine it with a simplistic pharmaseutical style.

Why I didn’t choose the other two

I thought I was going to choose BUI but when they pitched their brand I started to change my mind. They were quite specific about what they wanted, not leaving much room for any input of my own. Oh Gee Pie! were very expressive with the whole hot bright pink colours, which didn’t really appeal to me.


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