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Another route Tom suggested he would like the branding to go, was in quite the opposite direction. Tom said he really liked the style used for album covers by bands like 13th Floor Elevators. 558446c1c133296a32ffd25ed95b3d13 95dd4b426e8f0e9d8b3bcd3e84ea6d28 085a3d48632526248473aeeecca50d03

I think I would like to work towards the more pharmaceutical side of things rather then sticking to this. Although one thing Tom did say was that if I do choose to go down the pharmaceutical route, that I should really make it my own. So I would like to incorporate both this psychedelic style, how? I’m not too sure yet.

Focus and look at:




Use of image and text


Examples of psychedelic branding

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I think if a design like this isn’t executed correctly it can look quite tacky and grotesque. Pretty Green is a good example of simple but  psychedelic. Which gives me a lot more to think about for coming up with ideas.



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