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One brand Tom told me to look at was Aesop. This gives me a starting point where to direct my research. I get a clinical feel from this branding due to the simplistic layout and black text on white background, its very information orientated. Including the leaf in the water and put into situ in the bathroom, it all really tones down the clinical feel making it appear much more friendly, honest and inviting. 

Using Aesop as a starting point I am collecting research of different types of similar branding.





The branding for erva incorporates the simplistic pharmaceutical properties whilst communicating organic, natural aesthetics. The image showing the packaging is giving another brand touchpoint by creating another thing for the costumer to interact with.




2 thoughts on “Inventivity – Branding – Research

  1. Interesting how the photographic styling softens the clinical look of the Aesop packaging, but keeps the very cool uncluttered look. Might be worth exploring how clinical/factual type can combine with more decorative elements?


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