Inventivity – Branding – Colour Palettes

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Today I have been observing colour palettes that brands have used. I have picked out 3 colours from 8 images and then given a brief description about what I think about the colours.


The two above are very contacting colour palettes, I have created a colourful vibrant one to broaden my scope when I come to start picking colours.colour-palette-3 colour-palette

I found with a lot of pharmaceutical brands that they quite commonly opt for the toned down greys, greens and blues.

The 4 above are quite similar, lots of natural, flowery, pastel colours. They create a calming feeling, I start thinking about perfume when I see colours like lavender.

This exercise has helped me understand how colours work together, or even the ways colours don’t work together. A strong combination of colours will be a good starting point towards creating a mood that I will want people to associate with my branding.


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