Inventivity – Branding – Naming and Tag Lines

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Today we worked in groups to look at cosmetic brands and put their names into one of four cotegories. 


says what is is or does

Eg The Body Shop, Raw Smoothies, Millie’s Cookies


A real object used as a symbol of the product

Eg La Mer, Paper & Cup, Ziferbalt, Pharmacy


A word or made up word that evokes the action, feeling or sensation of the product

Eg Innocent, Froosh, Look Mum No Hands!


A made up word without an obvious meaning

Eg Nars


We looked at lots of brand names and put them all into one of these 4 groups.

I was quite surprised to find not many abstract names and equally as less descriptive names. The majority of brands fell into symbolic and evocative. Descriptive names can become quite boring and unimanginative provoking no emotional response. Where as I found with evocative brand names they were easier to associate with. It was simple to get the essence of their brand from their name. After this we then invented as many brand names as we could think up. Trying to keep it relevant we brain stormed on a wide range of names, lots rubbish and some even worse.

But when we got through the rubbish ideas we started to come up with some names that really captured the brand. To name some of the better names.



Be Kind







and many many more as you can see from the images below.

img_4373 img_4374 img_4376

Narrowing in on names

After this we took some of the names we liked and started to come up with tag lines for them. Below are the 3 I’m currently working with, however I am certain I’m going to choose ‘Be Kind’.

Kind, be kind, and kindness were a reoccurring phrases mentioned in Toms presentation.







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