Inventivity – Studio Task – Observation

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Tuesdays session was about exploring the product from many different angles. My task is to make a series of five A3 exploratory pieces, each in a different medium. The aim is to build up a range of marks and images which you may wish to digitally edit and use in your designs later on in the term.

leaf3edted leaf2edited leaf-1 leaf4-edited

I have begun this task by creating a collage by using natural imagery. Collage isn’t something I enjoy doing, however this makes me want to use it more to break down that negativity surrounding it. I think the outcome works well to communicate a message about nature. This to me also provokes me to ask what is it about? It seems simple yet there is obviously more going on here.



pattern-design1 pattern-design print-3

Using photoshop and Illustrator I have created three designs focussing on shape. I have creating these designs very geometrically to contrast my collage pieces. However, they still remind me of natural or more specifically biological or cellular forms.

adh0226_140-97-34-13_2016-10-21_13-47-07-175_002 adh0226_140-97-34-13_2016-10-21_13-47-07-174_001

I got back to basics here. I simply dropped indian ink on a page and blew it in all different directions. It’s quite beautiful. I have ideas now of using a view finder to section off areas and maybe starting to build a pattern or some kind of design inspired by these.


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