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a 2X2 matrix is a tool to scaffold thinking and conversation about your user problem space. I will use it during my synthesis process to help me think about relationships between things or people. The aim is that insights or areas to explore more deeply will come out from using a 2×2. 2×2 matrices are also a great way to visually communicate a relationship you want to convey.


I started by examining affordable compared to premium, and unhealthy compared to nutritious foods. I can instantly see that there is a lack of affordable nutritious products out there. And a serious amount of unhealthy affordable products. It makes a clear point that to eat healthily isn’t cheap.



Here I was trying to look at brands that we wear, such as cosmetics and clothing. Similarly repeating what I said above (although more extreme here) there are no generic/luxury brands. The phrase  generic/luxury is quite a contradiction thats why, however on the other end of the matrix, Named Brands and every day, there were quite a few that came up. I was in two minds about where to place Nike, I decided it was an everyday brand, peoples bags, shoes, t-shirts etc. Especially if you compare Nike to Rolex, Nike definitely then becomes more understandable as an everyday brand.

This task was useful to visually represent brands, and put them into categories. Anybody can work out in their head which brands fall into which category. But visually creating and demonstrating this process has and will help me in the future when I think about brands again.



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