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As part of building a strong knowledge about the brand I’m working on, I am to start making notes and draft these based on what I heard from the client, and what I think the overarching purpose of the brand could be.

Your vision:

Our vision is of a word where…People can enjoy a product that is nourishing for their body, with the comfort of knowing that they are doing their bit to help the environment.

Your mission:

We aim to deliver… Vegan cosmetics by using ethically sourced ingredients, for both male and female.

Your profile:

We’re different because…Our products are based on recycled ingredients. We are strict about what we put into our products, using no unnatural additives or preservatives.


Audience Personas:

I will be describing the different types of customers. Why do they need/want/love my brand? How does it fit into their life/work?

Person 1. 

Jenny 24. Jenny is health and environmentally conscious. Jenny cares about what products she uses and the effect it has on her and the environment. She adores BKIND because she feels like she’s not just buying an everyday feminine product. It’s a product she can trust.

Person 2.

Mark 26. Mark is 26 and has been a strict vegan since he left school at 16. Mark is passionate about the welfare of people, animals and the earth. Mark says BKIND is perfect for him and is refreshed by its honesty, ambition and outlook.

Person 3. 

Sam 19. Sam has sensitive skin and can’t use products with unnatural, harsh additives. This is a problem because Sam enjoys taking of herself. BKIND is great for Sam because it is gentle with no hidden additives or preservatives.

My values:

I have chosen 5 words that provide guidance for how BKIND will behave as a brand and how it will stand out from the competition.

  1. Natural
  2. Refreshing
  3. Economical
  4. Unisex
  5. Ambitious

Overall this task can seem a bit daunting, especially when trying to verbally express what I am trying to communicate all at once. However, after filling in all of the sections, if you look back over it and pick out certain keywords, my brand values are already there. So it’s good for me to remember that trying to churn out 5 brand values from the word go isn’t always going to work. Wait a while, complete a task like this, look back on the kind of language I have used, and then it becomes a much more natural process.


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