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Recently I went to visit a working studio where Lewis Heriz worked. Lewis studied English but some how ended up becoming a graphic designer and illustrator.


Lewis shared the place with other professionals, who were working in fashion, fine art and 2 film editors.


Immediately you see lots of album work on display. Lewis said he had started a record collection a while back, and then had a friend in a band who said could he make them an album cover. And the rest is history, one job stemming from another.


A line of beers set up on the side were another project of his. He has done a complete rebrand for the beer company Howling Hops. Where each bottle holds a different design, but they work together as a family.


One main project Lewis was working on at the moment was with a start up cafe in Dubai¬†called Nightjar. The packaging image above was one of the first attempts at applying the brand, however Lewis showed us a long process with lots of variations, and in the end the client said ‘you know that one in the beginning, lets go for that’. And so he’s currently working on the branding for Nightjar, and a range of cold coffee that is yet to come from them.

img_4192 img_4193 img_4190

It was insightful to visit a studio and hear about how he started, how he kept going and how he intends to continue. It seemed like quite an organic process. Lewis said he  had collaborated with the other members of the studio in the past, which is always an exciting prospect.



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