Inventivity – Visit – Selfridges 

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Today I visited Selfridges to veiw how brands represent themselves with brand theatre, product display and interactiveness. 

As I entered the cosmetics section, the first brand I noticed as Aesop. This was perfect because I have been conducting lots of research on them as a brand.

Aesop had created a kind of saloon-warehouse-esk display, using lots of copper piping and naked raw metals and woods. Again from my previous blog post they even used the same plant they were using in a photo campaign.

img_4448 img_4461 img_4446

I noticed they had one of the strongest displays, with the bar type area running taps and seats. This might be because the branding is very minimal. They need that brand theatre to really stand out…which they did.


This display I thought worked really well, each product clearly states for which area of the body it is intended for, its so simply done, which makes it easier for the customer.

img_4453 img_4452 img_4451

Dr Sebagh had an unbelievably clinical packaging and branding style. It was almost gimmicky if you see in the second image above, the product comes in test tubes, coupled with the name DR Sebagh, for me that was a little bit too much clinical.


Looking good there Kevin!

At around this point I realised there was lots of pharmaceutical branding going on, I hadn’t realised how popular it was.

img_4462 img_4454

This brand Origins was a huge contrast from the ones I had previously been looking at. They have gone for a very natural organic style, which is mirrored in their display, bringing in some plants and cacti. Their branding consists of lots of green, and a few bright colours, this as a display gives the impression of bright flowers growing out of foliage.


This branding for clean & lean was very feminine, only until closer inspection did I realise it was a kind of health package food gym goers. With a protein powder, pre work out powder. They all were given names Protein Excellence, Ultimate Clean, Serenity, Body Balance and Berry Burn. A huge contrast in names from previous clinical styles I had observed with very descriptive information.


This last brand I looked at Davines, came with the most basic packaging I had ever seen, not dissimilar to the Tupperware you get with a takeaway. The branding was stripped of all decoration and was very information based, I noticed the little plant was even sat in a used product pot.


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