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I had an interesting and informative talk at the research and advisory firm Stylus. ‘STYLUS IS AN ESSENTIAL RESOURCE FOR PROFESSIONALS IN INNOVATION, STRATEGY AND MARKETING ROLES.’

‘Stylus reporting and advisory is collated through primary research conducted by and with consultants, industry experts, global opinion leaders and regional intelligence specialists. This research is backed up by findings from key industry events, primary interviews, partnerships with leading research agencies, qualitative research and client collaborations.’

Stylus told us about upcoming trends that are about to surface. Their is an event that takes place where a number of top chefs got together and used food that was going to waste and preparing meals for the homeless.


Another thing I thought was so simple and clever, which I truly admire. In support of Pride a lot of brands will change their colours to rainbow colours, like you see on Facebook profile pictures. However how will skittles achieve this when their scheme is already rainbow based? By completely stripping the colour from the packaging skittles are making a very bold unique statement in support of Pride.


This brand Edyn is an appliance which lets you monitor your plants, veg and soil through an apple. Feed you information on what needs to be done.


Another product which is semi related to my current brief is Hifa, using your used coffee grounds to grow mushrooms.

There were lots of great examples of unique brands that are about to surface. A lot of innovative brands that are truly inspiring . Overall it quite apparent that brands with a social cause are very ‘in’ at the moment. Another app thats been launched is Too Good To Go, which is a restaurant at the end of the day with meals to spare selling them for cheap, so as not to waste any food. It’s a fantastic idea, you get a cheap meal and the restaurant gets cash for food that would have ended up in the bin.

There was a lot of information to take and its quite fascinating how you can forecast what trends are about to surface and what’s about to become popular.



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