Inventivity – Branding – Case Study

Inventivity, Projects


I had a session today with Ricardo which was focussed on brand case studies. Up until this point I have been exploring ideas, messages, logos, type and imagery for my first brief. With this in mind the task asked me to find, discuss, deconstruct and formulate a group response comprising of 3 – 5 case studies which outline how all or some of the below have been achieved to a professional standard.

  1. Type
  2. Image
  3. Layout
  4. Texture
  5. Colour
  6. Composition
  7. Photography
  8. Props


Clean Slate was a cosmetics company that used their products almost as an art form. They are big and bold with their use of photography, I admire that and think it has worked well, creating a luxurious hands on aesthetic. The minimal packaging works fantastically in combination with the big, bright, bold colours of the products.


This cosmetics brand Breuer, as a group we decided that we weren’t happy with the way they presented themselves. We thought the use of the big green leaf which looked half dead was creating a kind of unhappy feeling. A lot of the products were shiny and to photograph it left big reflections from the flash.


Green Laboratories, created an industrial, moody, masculine feeling. As a group we thought this was very well executed, beautifully composed and the colour scheme was very unique. I liked how they photographed a cacti, but took away the colour, which is something I haven’t really seen being done.

This task today has helped me understand in a much clearer way about how to decode a brand. I feel now I know how deconstructing a brand works, I now have a more in-depth knowledge about how to construct a brand.


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