Inventivity – Branding – Observations at Camden Market

Inventivity, Visits


After our visit to JKR, we went exploring Camden Market. Up to this point I have been researching high end brands, so it was good to now have a look at some smaller companies branding. 

img_4741 img_4738 img_4736

I thought before I went exploring that I’ve been here lot’s of times and I’m pretty sure there is no branding on any stalls. I was wrong. It was amazing when I started to actually pay attention to all the shop signs.

img_4734 img_4732 img_4742 img_4743 img_4740

There was a whole range of products, from cosmetics, fashion, piercings and food. So it was interesting to see how these stalls work next to each other. They did contrast at some points, but it worked, it helped build a sense of diversity.

I thought I observed a lot whilst walking around, but clearly not enough, I’ll be trying even harder to observe and think about my surroundings.


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