Making a Living Week – Monday


This Monday I attended the first of a two day block of creative industry talks called Making a Living Week. Making a Living Week, had professionals talking about their experiences in the business and life, with useful tips and advice from their own success. img_4844 img_4845

Will Hudson talked us through his experience from leaving uni to getting a job and owning his own business, he also took us through some successful projects of his. Will Hudson is the creator of It’s Nice That, which we always hear a lot of good things about.

“It’s Nice That believes passionately that creative inspiration is for everyone and by championing the most exciting and engaging work online, in print and through our events programme, we want to open up this world to the widest possible audience.”

It’s Nice That had become a bit of a phantom so it was great to hear from the creator. It really made my realise that great things are achievable if you work hard enough. Will told all about how It’s Nice That was a uni project that sat dormant for a long time afterwards with a grand total of 0 site visitors. Will told us about how he had a magazine to publish and he had people online preorder and if he got over a certain amount of preorders he’ll go ahead and create the first It’s Nice That mag.


The next speaker was from the illustration agency Handsome Frank.

img_4848 img_4849

“Despite our growth over the years, we’re great believers in keeping things personal. We pride ourselves on building close relationships with our artists and we feel this benefits their creative output and collaborations with clients. Nothing pleases us more than matching the right artist with the right project.”

Handsome Frank was started by two cousins who had a conversation in the pub. Handsome Frank is named after their Grandad. They now represent many illustrators, spread across the world and they’ve worked with some of the biggest brands and agencies in the world.

Some advice from Handsome Frank was stick to one style, prove you can draw anything in that style. When you are sending off work to get yourself noticed don’t send images like the one below …



And lastly we had a talk from Alec Dudson who is the creator of Intern magazine.


“Our opinion is that an ongoing debate about internships is a necessity. Since 2013, we’ve provided a contemporary platform for the discussion, at the same time showcasing the work of emerging young creatives for whom the subject is of critical importance. To ensure that we are truly for and by the creative youth, all of our output is either by or features the people we represent.”

Alex walked us through the journey he had been on creating Intern, another idea that was formed in the pub. Alex was quite open about his journey explaining how he worked in a bar for a long time and lived on people couches whilst he tried to pull Intern together.

“Sold all around the world, intern prides itself on the diverse contributor base that each issue comprises of. We champion equality in all senses and take great pleasure in seeing the way that approach drives the discussion and aesthetic, issue by issue.”


Day one of Making a Living Week, was a valuable insight into professionals personal choices in life, it was good to hear about their journeys, decision making and outcomes. Each talker broke down their story, it can seem scary when you think about the finished product, it feels like an unachievable outcome. However when you hear the process broken down, it becomes much more obtainable.




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