Making a Living Week – Tuesday


This Tuesday I attended the second of a two day block of creative industry talks called Making a Living Week. Making a Living Week, had professionals talking about their experiences in the business and life, with useful tips and advice from their own success. 


The first talk was by the illustrator Chris Walker, Chris told us he had worked in the design business for the past 10 years, upon leaving his design job he took a plunge with a friend (seen below) in following his passion of illustration and to create the ‘Squirm and Learn’ children book series.




The first of two books Let’s Play: Murder is an A – Z of murder. It’s a children’s (adults) book. Chris was very open with the way he explained how they funded this whole project using Kickstarter.


Social media is your friend. PROMOTE!

They aimed for £4000 (which they achieved in 4 days) but ended up reaching £13,259 over a month. Chris explained their key to success, was promote, promote, promote. They did most of the work before the Kickstarter went live, so when they came to ask for donations, it was very clear all they needed to do was print and post.


They had a friends daughter draw up a whole typeface for the book, and they incorporated her into the campaign. People invest in people.

Another aspect Chris said lead to their success was the fact that they showed off some of the pages in the book (below). Chris said it’s surprising how many people want you to invest based on blind faith. Show what you’ve got to offer.




The second part of the day was by the company Accelerator. Who talked us through the side of the creative industry we don’t really hear about, costing and pricing, being a freelancer, finding clients, promotion, copyright etc.


“If you’re a current student, or graduated from London Met in the last 5 years, we can give you the opportunity to discuss your ideas with an experienced business adviser. We also offer funding advice and office space (through our Launchpad programme), as well as regular workshops and talks designed to equip you with the knowledge and inspiration to take your ideas to the next level.”

img_4882 img_4886 img_4885 img_4884 img_4883

Accelerator showed a few easy to use, handy websites such as how to work out your tax you owe for the year if you work for yourself, and how to create a contract between you and a client and other things I would never have really thought about.


The third part of the day, was a crash course on developing an appealing and professional CV. One of the first point of calls when trying to get a job will be to send a CV, so you want to make a good (clear) first impression. The talk we had took us through some of what need’s to be on there and what doesn’t. This part of the talk was very conversational and a lot of the listeners joined in asking questions and seeking advice for their own CV’s.


Day two of Making a Living Week, was just as valuable as day one. I have taken onboard a lot of information, that I will now take with me when decision making when it comes for me to enter the professional world.


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