Cafe For The Future – Research

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For my Cafe For The Future brief I am aiming to develop a brand that will help fight homelessness. I am currently researching brands that have a social purpose to help fight homelessness. 


“The Big Issue has partnered with one of the UK’s leading coffee experts
to launch Change Please, ‘a pick-me-up, not a handout.’

Change Please coffee will initially be sold through eight coffee carts, run by former homeless people, that are being rolled out across London over the next month. The hand roasted, artisan, coffee will be available to buy nationally across the UK online at”

I came across Change Please on This sounds like a very innovative way to spring board homeless people into a job, helping them develop a variety of important skills, which are hard to get with out real life work experiences.


“The Pret Foundation Trust has a simple goal – to alleviate poverty in the UK by helping break the cycle of homelessness.

You might not realise it but you have been supporting the Pret Foundation Trust all year. Whether you’ve popped spare change in our donation box, bought our charity-enriched soups or enjoyed a Christmas special, you’ve been doing your bit… and it all adds up to quite a lot.

In 2016 we featured the Apprenticeship Scheme, which opens doors for hundreds of people, offering them a fresh start with real support, real training and a real job.

The scheme has helped open the door to over 350 people, getting them off the street and into a position where they can support and look after themselves.”

Another apprenticeship scheme to help break the cycle of homelessness, is ran by Pret a Manger. I have started to see that an apprenticeship giving opportunity is popular with social purpose brands.

I suppose it’s quite hard to determine what’s best for somebody in a homeless situation. Do you give them money, clothes, food or a job? It’s impossibly to say which is best. I believe an apprenticeship scheme to probably be most helpful, because people can gain self sustainability, and thats not something people can really donate.



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