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How are the Homeless Dehumanised?

Researching the topic homelessness I came across a website that was very insightful, I started to understand what types of things happen when someone is in that position. Almost every person who is homeless goes through a process of dehumanisation. Here are some of the ways homeless people are dehumanised. 

  • segregated
  • feared
  • labelled a criminal
  • self-maligned
  • refusal of food, a place to sleep and access to toilets
  • verbally and physically abused

All which lead to dehumanisation of the person.

For my social purpose brand I would like to tackle this issue by creating a place for people to gather, where they will be accepted and they can socialise. I would also like for the place to have a workshop where people can build many skills by working with recycled materials to build furniture.  This place will give people the respect that they deserve.

I’m currently working with the name Stepping Stone.

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