Inventivity – Cafe – Vision/Mission/Profile

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I have been working on my cafe’s vision/mission/profile. I’m aiming to keep it short and to the point. However I’m not sure if I need to explain how my cafe tackles homelessness in this. I came across this website which has been helping me to build a knowledge on the ways in which people end up being homeless. I am starting to see that its largely based on deterioration of relationships. I wrongly would have guessed alcohol/drug abuse, maybe a lot of people would assume that? If so, I would like my brand to build awareness for the real common reasons for homelessness.

At the moment I think the name Stepping Stone, and then repeating “step” in the tagline could either be successful or a complete fail, it feels both strong but also cliche. I want to experiment more and try to come up with taglines that don’t reiterate the “step” part. I think “the social workshop” could be successful because of the image it creates of constructing a social connection, which is what my brand is aiming to achieve.



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