Dramarama – Book Art – Research


Upon researching 3D art work made from books, I came across Art Made From Books by Laura Hyena. I have become specifically interested in pieces of work that jump from the page with high energy (image below).

I feel that this draws attention to individual words, and the way words are put in an order to form a sentence, and sentences create paragraphs, and so on.

I am also interested in book-art, such as the work of Guy Laramie (above), that creates a landscape, because I think authors write and craft landscapes in the imagination, so to see a physical landscape carved from the book itself can work as a manifestation of the stories themselves.

Moving forward, I want to focus on words, breaking down stories into words, and how words in a certain order can create individual experiences.

I want to focus on creating some kind of high energy piece, working with colour and movement.




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