Design Competition – Exhibition Concept – Presentation

Design Competition, Inventivity

My group chose three exhibitions to study their graphic identity and its applications. We looked at signage, publications, hand-outs, generating a wide range of aesthetics and ideas.

We thought about the use of colour and materials, producing concepts that are bright and vibrant to minimal and defused.

Below are the presentation slides that show three design concepts which include:
Mood Board with colour pallet and materials
Typographic examples of wayfinding/signage/captioning signs

My group of 6 people split into 3 groups of 2, I feel that this aloud much more freedom in researching and developing ideas. I believe that working in smaller groups was very successful and aloud individual creativity and ideas to blossom. Working with one other person aloud for an easy back and forth system when generating ideas.

Then we all pulled together when we had our visual concepts and produced a presentation. I believe that working in a larger group would have lead us to have made comprises for other peoples ideas on each concept, trying to fit 6 peoples ideas into one conceptboard in a short amount of time, diluting each concept. However, presenting our own 2 conceptboard’s aloud us to speak much more passionately and naturally about our concepts.


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