Design Competition – Exhibition Research

Design Competition, Inventivity

My group contained me, Nicole, Jonathan, Jade, Clelia and Kat. Our task:

Research: Go to three (design) exhibitions to study their graphic identity and its applications. Look at signage, publications, hand-outs, and are there any other goodies? Think about the use of colour and materials. How do they display the work (books/posters/3D objects)? What is the theme of the exhibition and how does that come through in the graphic and overall design?

Deliverables: Three design concepts (presenting three routes is industry standard).

This should include:

Mood Board with colour pallet and materials
One typographic approach example of wayfinding/signage/captioning signs Make a Google slide presentation of deliverables to present to your studio.

To all go around and research galleries together,  proved to be a difficult task, because we had our own things going on outside of uni. So to combat this we broke off into 3 smaller more manageable groups of 2. Me and John teamed up and took to the Maureen Paley Gallery.

We were not aloud to take photos, which in a way made us take more notes and pay attention more, instead of snapping a few photos and leaving.

We focused on the graphic identity, applications and signage. Which was minimal to the extreme. Signage was almost none existent, however the gallery was still easy to navigate because of the flow of the artwork and layout.

After leaving the gallery and then proceeding to the website, the same aesthetic is continued throughout the website.

As much as we enjoyed the minimal and industrial feeling of the gallery we concluded that we didn’t want to take that kind of route, we thought a warmer approach would work better for the work our fellow students produce.


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