Design Competition – Research and Development

Design Competition, Inventivity

Our main ideas that came out of ‘transient’ were;  dusk and rain. We attempted to develop ‘rain’ as a theme, we began to quickly lose interest because the colour scheme was very dull and not engaging. However, we moved onto dusk, which was similar to rain, we felt that we could breath more life into this theme with regards to colour and all round feeling. 

I think we realised quickly that we had created something feasible. We were drawn to the colour palette, dusty pinks, browns and blacks, because of the feeling we could create using those colours. We felt dusk was one of those things that everybody will understand, it’s familiar, uncanny, it resonates to the subconscious, we experience dusk everyday.

Whilst focussing on colour and layout, we began researching for ways to exhibit. We started focussing more on minimal aesthetics because we wanted to communicate a clear and calm quality.

We were successful at transferring our visual ideas (calm and clear) from the exhibition layout, to possible publications and hand-out design outcomes.

Moving forward we want to see how we can use typography to help build continuity throughout our theme.





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