Design Competition – Research

Design Competition, Inventivity

Me and John brain-stormed on some ideas to be used as a theme for the exhibition. We began narrowing in on ‘transient’ as our theme. The transient definition is: Lasting only for a short time; impermanent. Which we think communicates the ideology behind exhibitions. They come – they go.

We began to find it difficult to communicate ‘transient’ visually.

We focused on rust, because of how it shows decay and time passing. However, we quickly began to think, what are we trying communicate? rust or transient?

We began to feel that the pursuit for transient as a theme was becoming unsuccessful. At this point we felt that we had put ourselves in a box by choosing such an abstract concept.

However, a positive thing that we did take from the experiment with transient, was how it lead us to other themes such as; rust, rain, dusk etc.



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