Dramarama – Artist Research


I have been researching the artist Guy Laramie who creates landscape sculptures from books. I am under no illusion that Guy creates such fantastic work after years of craft, I may not be able to replicate similar results within the time frame that I have. 

I began researching Guy’s work with the intention to pursue a similar outcome. However, I have started to feel that the work is quite grand and ostentatious, which is not really the aesthetic that I want for the project.

Whilst researching Guy Laramie I came across another book artist Boronia Sawyer. Boronia creates vibrant and abstract pieces, which is more of an attractive route for my project.

I am enjoying the use of colour and shapes that Boronia achieves, because of the free form, naturally flowing paper forms. The images below are similar to some of my own paper experiments, after seeing her work I feel I can achieve a more considered out come when next experimenting. I will incorporate similar ways that she uses colour in her work, and let the paper flow, to create natural shapes and layouts.



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