Dramarama – Artist Research – Austin Kleon

Inventivity, Projects

I have been following the work of author and artist Austin Kleon for some time, and now realise how his work inspires me to develop different, non-traditional ways of expressing the phenomenom of reading.

“I’m a writer who draws. I make art with words and books with pictures.”

I am trying to focus on the use of multiple colours for my final outcome, however that doesn’t mean I can’t be influenced and inspired by mono coloured pieces. Austin Kleon breaks down the normal way we read a page, creating his own narrative from an existing one.

I am interested in the way he singles out words and the thought put into each piece to create a new sentence, because it goes against the normative way we read, treat and use books. He takes an existing story, blocks out part of it with ink which gives it a whole new meaning and feeling.


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