Dramarama – Idea Research

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I am currently generating research to inspire me to develop a yet unknown outcome. I am enjoying what I’m finding, and keep finding new ideas that open up a whole new route I could possibly take, which feels good. I always work with a strong idea of what I’m working towards, but this time I’m researching and developing new ideas without really knowing where It’s taking my project.

I am definitely going to give the above image a try, because I enjoy the way it creates an unusual, abstract form from something so every day as a book.

I am more drawn to an abstract route, and not so much a figurative 3D piece like above, however I feel that I could incorporate elements of more figurative things such as buildings, flowers etc. which on a whole could create a quite an abstract feel.

Taking elements from a page, such as illustrations (like the bee above), into consideration, and then incorporating an element in relation to that thing (honeycomb hexagons), could be quite a strong route. I feel that breaking down the original narrative on the page and then building it back up in my own way with the use of 3D elements, would be successful because of the abstract new way you would be reading the page.

And yet even another route I enjoy the idea of is stitching thread into the page, I could really push the use of colour with this route similar to above. I enjoy the idea of singling out words to create my own narrative, and tangling up a whole bunch of thread to show some kind of entangled narrative similar to the stories themselves.




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