Design Competition – Publication – Research

Design Competition, Inventivity

1914 Now was a film installation commissioned by Alison Moloney of the Centre, comprising four film works. It encouraged the curators and filmmakers to consider the notion of modernity in relation to fashion, focusing on a particular moment of their choice between 1914 and 2014.

What I am enjoying with this publication is the use of a black and white image, which lets the pink pastel colour come through on the lighter sections. I think this colour be a good idea for our exhibition, because we can show case our work, not giving the complete colour image, which will just be a snippet of the real deal.

The logo design for this exhibition is quite interesting because the lines show how the two dates, 1914 – now, are connected over time. They have used the same designs from the publication on their website, which helps build a strong continuity for the exhibition.


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