Inventivity – Branding – Observations at Camden Market

Inventivity, Visits


After our visit to JKR, we went exploring Camden Market. Up to this point I have been researching high end brands, so it was good to now have a look at some smaller companies branding. 


CIP – Visit – The World Goes Pop

Creative Industry Practice, Visits

Banner showing Ushio Shinohara's 'Doll Festival' for Tate Modern's The EY Exhibition: The World Goes Pop

A while back now, we went to the TATE  to visit the exhibition, The World Goes Pop.

“Whaaam! Pop! Kapow! This is pop art, but not as you know it.

Tate Modern is ready to tell a global story of pop art, breaking new ground along the way, and revealing a different side to the artistic and cultural phenomenon.