FMP – Dramarama – Final 3D Design

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Today I have finished my 3D element for my FMP, I set myself the task of interpreting the phenomenon of reading,  and how could I express that in a 3D way?


Dramarama – Idea Research

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I am currently generating research to inspire me to develop a yet unknown outcome. I am enjoying what I’m finding, and keep finding new ideas that open up a whole new route I could possibly take, which feels good. I always work with a strong idea of what I’m working towards, but this time I’m researching and developing new ideas without really knowing where It’s taking my project.

Dramarama – Artist Research – Austin Kleon

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I have been following the work of author and artist Austin Kleon for some time, and now realise how his work inspires me to develop different, non-traditional ways of expressing the phenomenom of reading.

“I’m a writer who draws. I make art with words and books with pictures.”