CIP – Paper to Paddle – Screen Printing

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Today I screen printed my design onto the ping pong bat. I printed the red side and tomorrow I will go back and print the blue side.


CIP – Paper to Paddle – Generating A Sponsor For The Auction

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Following on from last post about the ping pong auction: I have been in touch with a few breweries which I know of that are always keen to sponsor events. Hopefully I’ll hear back from all of them soon and one of them will quench our mighty thirst!

CIP – Hosting Ping Pong Bat Gallery/Auction

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On Friday 13th November (Year 2 / Level 5: Visual Communications CIP) will be hosting our own event, this will be a live auction in aid of BBC Children in need, in association with Fivefootsix’s The Art of Ping Pong, to take place at Commercial Road on the ground gallery space/café area. We have been split into groups, in those groups we have to curate a gallery/auction space for our ping pong bat designs. As a group we have to consider every aspect of the event from brand, marketing campaign, design aesthetic, curation, sponsorship. As a group we each pitched our initial ideas to the other groups and received some feedback and direction from our tutors.

CIP – Ping Pong – Development

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When I was told to go away and create a piece of work with a ping pong bat as the canvas, this instantly jumped into my head, KING PONG PING KONG. It is just a minimal, playful and typographical design using word play as the main element. Unfortunately after the talk we had by fivefootsix, we were aloud a sneak peak at some of the designs submitted, and could you believe it, a wonderfully illustratred King Pong (King Kong but on a ping pong bat) had been put forward. Disheartended, I still created a design for my idea and  put it forward for the submission. Truth be told now though, I’m glad it happened because it made me branch out and focus on other ideas.


CIP – The Art Of Ping Pong – Presenting My Work

Creative Industry Practice, Projects

The unveiling of the work for Fivefootsix.
In this project The Art of Ping Pong we were asked to create ping pong bat artwork. The Art of Ping Pong is a collaboration between Fivefootsix and BBC Children in Need. Bats will be selected to be put forward into the competition and auctioned off for the charity. Fivefootsix are a design and branding consultancy, specialising in creating strong personalities for organisations that value the importance of their own brand.


As you can see here I have worked towards a clean finish using typography. The idea was to keep it simple whilst trying to convey a strong and quickly recognisable message that anybody will understand.